Friday, November 19

Still Keeping Up

I'm still making it.  Still keeping up with life.

This time of year it seems the kids at school start getting restless.  Now until Christmas is going to be difficult.  Not just for the kids.  But for me too!  I'd love to be at home baking, decorating, spreading holiday cheer and listening to Christmas music.  At least I love my job!

Tuesday, November 9

Death...and Life

Yes, it's been awhile.  Again.  I have a way of doing that don't I?

Lately, I've been focused on death.  A morbid and unhappy thing to be focused on.  Yet, appropriate and healthy.  My favorite cousin's husband passed away last week.  Actually, a week ago today.  Wow.  Only a week ago life changed for that family.

Roger was an amazing man who at only 31 left a legacy most people can only dream of.  He was secure in his faith, his love for God & his family.  He was a great father and an amazing husband.  Life was too short for Roger.  God had a plan.  I believe it was so that he could show people what can really be accomplished in just a few short years when we are determined to make a difference.

The days leading up to the funeral, and the time since, have been hard for me.  I know God is all knowing, but it's hard to imagine life with three young kids and no husband.  That is what Heather, my cousin, has for her life now.  She has great support and love.  But still, life will be hard.

The situation makes me contimplate two things.
1) What legacy do I leave?  What would people say if I passed tomorrow?
2) What can I do to support Heather and the kids from 170 miles away?  Cards, yes.  Phone calls, of course.  And lots of prayer.