Wednesday, June 23

Good-Bye Missy

Saturday was a sad day.  A few weeks ago, Missy bit our neighbor.  It was no fault of her own really.  She escaped the yard and he tried to pick her up to put her back in the yard.  She turned on him.  I can't blame her, but it wasn't the first time she'd bit someone. 

She has a tendency to bite men when they get in her zone of she's uncomfortable or scared.  She's bit Matt before.  Unfortunately we have a house of little men.  My father-in-law said she saw her turn to Max as if she was going to bite him.  That was the last straw.  I couldn't trust her around the boys anymore.

It broke my heart, but we had to take her to another place.  We found a no-kill shelter based in Lansing that was willing to take her.  They will do their best to "reform" her and then try to find a new home for her.  The best part is I know she won't be put down. 

Saturday when I dropped her off, I cried.  A lot.  I still feel her around the house and when she's not around the corner I get upset all over again.  I miss her.  Every night when I go to bed, I wait for her to come into our room to her bed.  I miss her. 

I know we'll have another dog someday, but it won't be Missy.  She was a great dog and will be missed for a long time.  

School's Out for SUMMER!!

Friday was the last day of school.  I survived my first year of working.  Payton survived first grade.  And I think we'll even go back in the fall ;)

Payton was fortunate enough to be given 6 awards this quarter.  While he was walking up to receive them and the titles were being read out for everyone, his eyes got big and his jaw dropped.  He let out a loud "WHOA!" in front of everyone.  I think he'd amazed himself.  I am amazed at his abilities and thrilled to be his mother.  He's such a blessing to so many people around him.  We're so proud of him and he's realizing pride in himself. 

We've settled into our summer vacation routine.  Sleeping later.  Watching TV.  Picnics. Playing outside.  It's been great! 

We leave for North Carolina on Friday AM.  That is when I feel like vacation truly begins.  I've been doing a lot of prep for the trip.  But the boys (and Matt) have been very helpful with the whole process.  It should be a GREAT trip! 

Monday, June 14

addicted to books

Payton has been reading for just 2 years and I am constantly AMAZED at his reading skill. Not just reading, but sound out big words. And understand what he's reading for the most part! Today, during his "non-learning time" at school and on the way home, while running errands, he read 170 pages in a 4th grade fiction book. I can't get the kid to put a book down!! He reads Junie B. Jones & Magic Tree House books in 1 hour!

I'm challenged in a way I didn't expect as a mother. He's reading ability is so high (4th-5th grade level) that I struggle to find things appropriate for him. Although we have a few Captain Underpants and such, I don't really like him reading them. We've switched to non-fiction, but I still haven't found *the* topic to suck him in and get him engaged. A loving cousin let us borrow her leveled library from when she was a teacher. Payton loves the books and really likes having new things to read. He's always looking to trade books. If you have some you'd like to trade out to him, just say the word and we'll gather 'em up. As you can tell, we have a lot to choose from!!

If you have any ideas on series to start him on, please let me know! Or if you have a topic you think he'd be interested in reading more about, please let me know that!

Sunday, June 13

Oh, Maxwell

This child....oyi!

This evening, while cleaning out the hamster cage, we placed Lucky in her ball as we usually do.  I dumped and restocked her bedding and the boys got ready for bed.  We were reading books when Matt got home from Ohio and we all relaxed for awhile together. 

Soon it was time to go to bed.  I reminded the boys we had to find Lucky before we went to bed.  Maxwell said he knew where she was and went to the front door.  "No, Max, she's inside."  "No, she's outside."  *this is where I started to wonder.*  "Max, why would Lucky be outside?  Did you let her outside??"

It was obvious from his face that he was guilty.  He'd done it.  He'd let her outside.  Right out the front door.   Max was proud of himself, yet worried because he might be in trouble.  Payton was distraught that his brother let his beloved hamster outside.  Matt and I tried to comfort Payton and discipline Max without laughing.  That was the hardest part.  We put the boys in bed and then tried not to laugh too loud.  All we could think of was the movie Bolt. 

After 1.5 hours from the time we saw her last, we finally found Lucky.  Matt found her lodged under a neighbor's car parked on the street.  Payton is very happy and we're relieved that we don't have to go buy another hamster.  Maxwell...well, Maxwell is going to receive another lecture about things we don't do with/to hamsters.  Oh Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell.

Friday, June 11

End of Year Events

Today was the big festivities day at Reach Academy.  We had Field Day & Family Fun Fest.  What a CRAZY day it was, but so much fun.  In fact, it was all fun.  I supervised a water activity during field day and enjoyed all the kids.  This evening, during family fun fest, I got all wet again during my time in the dunk tank. 

The students really look forward to these two events and it was GREAT.  Kudos to all of the hands and brains that went into planning everything today!!

Saturday, June 5

The Cliffnotes

Here is summary of our lives.  SO busy lately.  I can't wait for school to be over so I can enjoy summer & my boys!!   (Most of these taken with our new travel size digital camera rather than my lovely, but large Nikon.)

 Payton is adjusting well to his glasses.  This is one of his two pairs.  This is the pair he wears most often.

We had to replace P's hamster.  This is our new one.  Lucky.  She's lucky we're keeping her.  She's CRAZY!

I planted all new flowers in front of the house.  This is before...

This is after.  LOVE the purple & white with a touch of yellow.  Click image to make it larger. :)

Matt and I joined some friends at the Tigers game Memorial Day weekend.  We had a GREAT time!

There were even fireworks!

Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, we marched in a local parade with Reach Academy.  This is a friend of ours, Tim.  Matt & Tim have both lost about 30 lbs recently and they look more like twins now than before!

Maxwell enjoyed himself more than anyone else I think.  He loved every minute of the parade.

My parents were here to join in the festivities as well.  My dad really enjoys this day every year. :)

Later that day, the dog got a "bath".  She loves the hose and the boys love to hose her off!

Memorial Day we watched a GREAT parade in Sterling Heights.  The boys made out like bandits!

It rained later and my mom took the boys out to play in the puddles.

It's been a great, but busy month so far.  I can only imagine what our summer will be like!!!