Saturday, November 28

Thanksgiving Summary 2009

On Wednesday, we had a half day of school. Payton got two awards at school; Moral Focus and Perfect Attendance. We've very proud of him.

Thursday, we attended Thanksgiving with Matt's side of the family at his aunt's home. She did a wonderful job hosting and everything was delicious! The boys spent a lot of time with their family members just enjoying their company.

Friday, we joined my family for a second Thanksgiving dinner where Matt was the only family member not in attendance. It was great to have everyone there. We even had two new members! My two unmarried brothers each brought their significant other. Hope, Jason's girlfriend, even dressed as a pilgrim and taught Payton how to make butter from heavy cream.

Then Hope & Payton went all out and made pilgrim hats for all of us. We've never had such a festive Thanksgiving in our family! Thanks, Hope!! (Yes, Loren always looks like that. No, not really.)

After that was family game time. That lead to craziness and laughter...and we'll just stop the blog entry there. ;)

It was an amazing weekend full of family and fun. I love the memories I have and that are being created for my children. Family truly is one of the most important investments we can make.

Thankful for...

This year, I have so much to be thankful for.

In a time when people are losing family members to health issues and depression, my family remains strong and supportive.

In a time when marriages are falling apart, mine is growing daily in the right direction.

In a time when jobs are hard to come by, my husband and I both have jobs with no threat of losing them.

In a time when people are homeless and hungry, we have a warm place to live and plenty of food to feed us all.

In a time when people are lost in their own world and don't know what to live for, I am drawing closer to God and he's showing me the plans he has for me a little at a time.

I am very, very blessed.

Sunday, November 22

Christmas Wish List Rules

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm really excited that we've decided to for-go Christmas presents with our siblings this year. I'm looking forward to a simpler Christmas this year.

Payton, on the other hand, is making his lists of things he wants. It all started a few weeks ago when he saw something he wanted on TV. He asked if he could put it on his list. I told him, yes, but we first had to discuss the rules about Christmas presents.

1) You don't get everything you ask for. Your list is a suggestion in case someone wants to know what you want.
2) You may ask Santa for ONE gift and only ONE gift. We're not greedy. We already have plenty of toys anyway.
3) Mommy & Daddy will buy you 3 gifts. That's how many baby Jesus got; that's all you need.
4) In order to bring new gifts into our home, we must sort through the toys/books we aren't using and donate them to others.
5) If ANYONE gets you ANYTHING, you will be grateful for it. That person didn't have to get you anything at all.

So, today, he said (again) that he wants a Nintendo DS. I reminded him of the rules and he agreed (again).

He has spent the afternoon deciding what he wants to keep and what he wants to part with.

Saturday, November 21

Frakenmuth, MI

On Wednesday, one of our surprise days off, Matt was off work too. We decided to take the day and go to Frankenmuth, MI, or "The Christmas Village" as my boys know it.

We started at Bronner's of course and then wandered around town. I was hoping to get a good family photo, but we didn't have anyone to take it for us. Still, it was a great day. :)

Click photos to enlarge.

and it hits...

Two days off this past week because there were too many sick students & teachers at school, and it finally hits me. I'm not sure what it is, but it's not fun. I'm so tired and I've been on the couch all day. I hope it passes quickly, that's all that matters to me. At least I got to watch a winning game! Go Buckeyes!!

Beyond that, Christmas has visited our home! Our stockings are up, the tree is up, the decor is ready and the outside lights are on! YEA!! Christmas is BY FAR my favorite holiday. Probably a little more so this year since we decided not to exchange presents with our siblings. Not that I don't want to shop for them, but it always seems so annoying to say "here are 3 things I want you to pick from". I preferred the old days when I was a kid and I got someone what I thought they wanted without any thought to if they'd like it or I'd disappoint them. I'm looking forward to time just relaxing with family and playing with the boys and their gifts. Low-Key Christmas is my theme this year!

Monday, November 16

Aww, they're concerned.

Both my dad & my brother called tonight to see if I was ok. I can tell by their voices and their words that they are really worried. Thank you both for caring about me so deeply.

We're good. We're on the upswing from our little drama.

Matt and I went on a double date with some new(er) friends of ours this past weekend. It's so amazing to have a couple we enjoy being with as a couple. She works with me and the hubbies are in the same career field, so they have A LOT to talk about when we're together. And we go to different branches of the same church. It's a bit scary how much we have in common really.

The boys are doing well. Payton is (still) doing well at school. We're working hard to teach him what's his responsibility and what's ours. Today he missed out on all his media time because he didn't remember to bring home his spelling words for his test Friday. I explained that since part of his homework is to study his spelling words and he didn't have his spelling list, that he couldn't do his homework fully. And thus, no media time seeing as our homework has to be done before we get our privileges. I think he'll remember his spelling list from now on.

Maxwell is trying to potty train. He gets it about 1/2 the time. He's really good at telling us just as he's starting or finishing. Only a few times has he told us before hand. Payton is taking him to the bathroom a lot. Every 30-45 minutes it seems. But it's good for them both. Payton is a natural teacher and Maxwell loves to do anything Payton does. I'm actually doing little of the work. And I like it that way!

We'll be heading to OH next week for Thanksgiving. I'm excited to see my family all together. It's been since June that we've done that...and back at last Christmas the time before that. I miss them.

Thanks again to everyone who send a card, a text, an email or a prayer in my direction. I appreciate them all. They worked.

Tuesday, November 10


Through Facebook and my blog, many of you know I'm in a "icky spot" right now. I know many of you are worried about me and curious about what's going on. I'm not going to get specific, but I will tell you this:

1) we're all ok, relatively speaking.
2) we're all going to continue to be ok.
3) it's emotional and private.
4) we're not divorcing, separating or even considering any of these non-options.

To all my friends who have given loving, non-judging, caring support through texts, cards and hugs: You don't know what's going on, but you all love and care for me just the same. Sometimes when I feel alone, I wonder if anyone cares how I feel. And I think to moments like these when my friends rally around, extend themselves far beyond what is necessary to make sure that I know I'm loved and support.

Thank you. Truly and Deeply. God has blessed me with amazing friends, co-workers and even semi-strangers who show me His and their love.

Saturday, November 7


Sometimes it helps to just type up the entire post, save it, read it and then delete it. Sometimes you don't need to share it all...just get it "out there" even if no one reads it.

Yep. Sometimes...

Wednesday, November 4

Halloween, the weekend and such

Weekend Summary:
Parents, both sets, in town for Trick - or -Treat. Great friends came along. Great time.
Sunday was lazy day.
Monday was a trip to our favorite place, "The Farm".
Since then, life has returned to normal fast-pace.

I was so grateful for a long weekend!!

(click pics to enlarge. got some good ones.)