Sunday, October 25

Robots at Play

Recently on Facebook, I reconnected with a friend of my brother's from when they went to high school together. I was always "Loren's little sister, Elli" to Kris, but she found me all grown up on Facebook.

I noticed right away she was just as artsy now as she had always been. And when I saw her work I knew right away my boys needed her work. You you NEED coffee, or a new pair of shoes. That kind of need.

I ordered matching (yet slightly different) robot shirts for each of my boys. I was SO excited when they came and the boys just LOVE them. I like that she does each item to order so it's unique, yet so amazingly crafted. She has so many great ideas on her facebook page of stuff she's done, but she's always willing to hear more too!

If you like her work, be sure to check out the page and message her to order a shirt or two. Christmas is coming and who doesn't love a cute shirt as a gift!

*I was not paid or commissioned in anyway to provide this review.*

Wednesday, October 21

I miss you "real life"

I feel like I'm so far out of the loop. I spend 8 or more hours at school everyday, come home and work with the boys to get Payton's homework and learning games in with Max, get dinner worked in there somehow and get the boys to bed. Then I spend hours on the computer working on lesson plans, researching techniques and working on my own course work. Then to bed.

I miss my other life. The one where the biggest stress was if I had time to make it to the grocery store without kids that week. The life where I could take Max to the park or to a friend's house to play anytime I wanted. I miss the life where I had friends. I know you guys are out there somewhere. I miss you!!! Christine! Kim! Kristi! (and many others!) HELLO?!

I miss my husband. I saw him...Monday the 12th! Oh, and Sunday night for 4 hours. So it's been over a week since I spent more than 4 waking hours with my husband. :( Luckily, we have a few hours together tomorrow and Friday.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. And my co-workers. And I'm making new friends. And I love the kids (most of 'em) and the work I'm doing with them. But I miss my free time and unscheduled life.

Monday, October 19

Girl's Weekend

Nothing like it. Absolutely nothing. For a second I thought about comparing it to my honeymoon. And while that was an amazingly fun experience, it wasn't like a girls weekend.

Tiffany and I went to Ann Arbor and had an AMAZING time. We spent time just meandering through town, enjoying our time together mostly. We did see Where the Wild Things Are. SO good!! Not for kids...definitely aimed at the generation who grew up on the story. But such a great movie.

The highlight of our weekend was the amazing 5 hour day at the spa. A massage, a facial, manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup...all so amazing. We HIGHLY recommend BANA spa in Ann Arbor. Their special packages are great prices and you get so much care and attention there.

Next year, it looks that the girls weekend may be on hold, but we will return to our new tradition as soon as possible. Seriously. Nothing. Like. It!!!

Saturday, October 10

Saturday with the boys

I had a great day today with my lil' boys. We went to the farmer's market, ran a few errands, relaxed around the house, and finally took the boys to the park.

When we arrived at the park, there were more than 100 people there taking homecoming or wedding pictures. SO many people in fancy dresses and suits. I took pictures of my two lil' boys instead. They were way cuter!!!

After we were done and heading to our car, I told Payton that in 10 short years he would be hanging out with a pretty lady in a fancy dress. "Does that sound fun?" I asked. "EW! NO!" was his quick reply. Whew! Thank goodness for that!!

Tuesday, October 6

Holy Commercialism, Batman!

Usually in this house, we watch a lot of prerecorded TV shows, so rarely do we watch commercials. And the kids' programing we watch is on Nick Jr., Noggin or PBS (no commercials at all).

Today, Payton discovered a new show on Nickelodeon. The show in and of itself was a fun and brain challenging show, so I was fine with that. But the commercials; Oh My GOODNESS!! I couldn't believe it. Every commercial was for a doll, a toy, a video game or fast food.

I swear the companies are trying to turn our kids into little kids who "need" everything. My kids know not to ask for things when we go to the store. We're there for specific reasons and not to get you a toy or candy bar. But commercials like the ones I saw would only make a kid want one or two of everything they see!

From now on, we'll stick to recorded TV and fast forward through the commercials!!

Saturday, October 3

Ren Fest

Another great day of Ren Fest was had today by Matt and I. We've had this standing date for a few years now and it's one of the days we look forward to all year long.

This year, despite the rain, we had an amazing time. We stopped at Target on the way to purchase some boots for me and I'm so glad we did. Since the entire event it outside, the place was all muddy because of the rain the last two days. It was chilly and it rained off and on throughout the day, but some warm soup helped!

I forgot the battery for the camera, and I'm bummed about that because we had so many great opportunities for great shots. We walked a lot, we ate a lot and we just enjoyed each others company a lot.

Matt and I have been blessed by amazing family and friends who understand how important these dates nights are for us - especially since I've returned to work. Thank you to those who have given us days like today to enjoy being married to each other.