Sunday, January 30

Cabin Fever

Brrr it's been cold outside.  I guess what's what Winter in Michigan is all about.  Cold.  And snow.  Both of which I've had enough of.  Unfortunately for me, it's not over.  We're supposed to get at least a few inches of the white fluff on Tuesday night, possibly as much as a foot!

Soooo, that usually means snow day.  I'm planning my snow day now.  Is that bad?  I'm thinking cookie baking in the AM.  Make some of the yummy energy balls that the boys like around lunch time.  Some muffins in the afternoon...all while a crockpot cooks our dinner during the day.

Yeah.  It just might be a great week!

Monday, January 24

Little Man Turns 4

Today, Maxwell turned four. And since it's my last baby, it was a bit hard for me. I'm not ready for him to get big.

We celebrated over the weekend with my inlaws. We took the boys to see Tangled (for the second time), went to eat at Moose Traxx, and then came home for cake and presents. The boys will be celebrating in March with a joint birthday party, so we just kept this weekend low key.

Maxwell, you have grown into such a wonderful little man. Your laughter brings everyone around you joy. You share so many insightful, funny quips and I love when you tell stories with your serious attitude. You give the greatest hugs and are a wonderful cuddler. Your love and joy for the world is contagious, even if it means more work for your parents sometimes. Today, you read a few words in "Where the Wild Things Are". You loved that the book is "ABOUT ME!!!". We read it twice just for you.

I love you so very much. Thank you for blessing me to be your mother.

Thursday, January 13

What is it...

Ever have something that seems to be weighing on you?  It's pushing down on you.  You feel smooshed.  You feel closed off.  You find yourself withdrawing.  You want to spend time on the couch just you and a warm blanket and 10 chick-flicks.  But you really can't figure out why you feel this way?

That's me.

Friday, January 7

This is what exhaustion feels like...

The first week back to "real life". It's just Friday...5 days of work...yet it feels like Christmas and all that family time was months ago.

I'm hired as the library/technology aide at my school. I love my job. Not just love your job like some people. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing books with the kids. I love hearing their opinions and thoughts on books. I love to see them excited about something they read. We have 600 plus amazing little kiddos who I get to see on a weekly basis. I'm blessed.

But sometimes things happen that I can't work my "normally scheduled" job. This week, as one of those weeks. I spent one day subbing for first grade, another for fifth grade and yet another day spending a few hours in art. I have been used more this year as a sub than last year and I'm starting to really get the hang of it. I actually really enjoyed the fifth graders I worked with this week. Art was fun too! I think it helps that they know I know the rules and ways of Reach Academy and don't push me as hard as they may a visiting sub.

It was a pretty good week really, but I'm so tired! I can't believe how tired I am really. I just want to sleep for 14 hours...again. Yeah, I did that one night this week already. I'd forgotten how tiring the waking early, working all day, care for the kids, drive the drive, homework, dinner, bed routine is. Real life isn't as much fun as winter break.

Wednesday, January 5

Oh, Child!!! (A Maxwellian)

Tonight, at dinner, I was attempting to get Maxwell to eat a few more bites in a hurry so we could leave for church.

I picked up my phone and looked at the time and said, "Hurry up. We need to leave in 7 more minutes!"

Maxwell then picked up his (very real looking) phone and looked at the time and said "According to my phone we have two more hours!"

Saturday, January 1

2011...the year of....

Well, it's here. Two thousand eleven.  That sounds weird.  I'm not sure I like the look of it either.  It looks unbalanced with the wide numbers on the front and the two sticks on the back.  Yeah...I analyze things like this.

I don't really make a "resolution".  I learned in my 20's that they never stick anyway.  I try to set goals for myself throughout the year depending on what needs attention at that time.  In 2010, most of our family goals were dealing with getting healthy.  I made more healthy meals for my family.  Matt lost about 40 pounds and I lost about 20 pounds.  Mostly by eating better (notice I didn't say "right") and running.  Both of which I need to focus on again as they've been lost recently.  I also started healthier (and cuter) meals for Payton to take to lunch.  He eats more variety now than ever before.

December 2009

October 2010

Beyond my running and eating well this year, I also hope to use my camera more.  I love the time I get to use it to some nicer pictures.  And I always feel more peaceful after I do it.

Finally, I vow to be a better mom to my boys.  I have learned that Payton needs time to process instructions...usually about 3-5 seconds.  I am trying to give him that time.  He's also becoming more "sassy".  It's an issue I hope to curb this year.  Maxwell is...a different breed of boy than Payton.  I'm working hard at learning more about what motivates him and how to pull the best out of him.  I realize as I type this that it sounds like I don't know my children, but that's not true.  It's that I sometimes forget they aren't little versions of me.  I need to spend more time focused on what works for them as individuals.

2011 will be an interesting year.  I feel God is preparing me for some big changes.  I don't know what they are, but I hope I'm ready for the challenge when it comes.

2010, What A Year!!

If have to find a common theme in 2010, unfortunately it would be ER trips/hospital stays.  We started January 2010 with a ER visit for Payton falling out of his bed and Maxwell busting his lip on the coffee table.  And then I ended the year with a (too long) stay in the hospital.  And we sadly said goodbye to a few great men this year; Matt's grandfather, Matt's Great Uncle Tony and my cousin by marriage, Roger Burns.

But there were a lot of great things that happened this year, too.  We had a great summer vacation.  The boys each had a fabulous birthday (Payton's & Maxwell's).  Matt and I enjoyed some time just the two of us, on several occasions.  We saw a lot of family during our trips and I even got a new sister-in-law for Thanksgiving.

It was definitely an eventful and interesting year, but the blessings were many.  We had some difficult times, but nothing we weren't stronger because of in the end.  I look forward to what 2011 holds for us.