Monday, March 19

Boys' Birthday

Once again, my kids turn another year old.  Max in January and Payton in April; but March is a much better time to celebrate!  Plus it's easier to squish them together for one party.

This year the boys chose a Star Wars theme.  It was great!  We served "Wookie Cookies" (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies), Yoda Soda (green punch), Palpatine's Pizza, Mini Lightsabers (mini pretzel sticks), Hans' Rolos, Boba Fruit (fruit salad), "Vader Veggies" (veggie tray) as well as a few other things.  One of the best things I did was pre-scoop ice cream into cupcake liners the night before.  It made serving dessert WAY easier.

I also made this R2D2 cake out of three 9x13 pans and one 9" round.  The boys LOVED their R2D2!  Best part of the party!

We also had a Darth Vader pinata that was perfect for the kids!  Such a great party!  And I'm SO glad it's done...until next March!


Stephanie said...

Awesome ideas! I'm stealing some for O's party on Saturday! :-)

Kim Cervone said...

I do not know what most of those Jedi words mean but,man, are you creative!! That cake could have taken a whole different direction before you made it R2D2 BTW...bachelorette party, perhaps?