Tuesday, February 16

Special Day for Payton

Since last year, we've been telling Payton we'd get him a computer in his room. Finally, today, all the pieces fit together and we actually made it happen. My brother, Jason, had built him a tower computer that had all the things he'd need to play his games. We finally found a monitor that would fit his desk today.

Once Matt set the whole thing up and got it running, he had to leave for work. I let Payton play for a bit and then we discussed the rules of the computer.

1) You only play with the door open.
2) You must ASK if you can play before you even turn the monitor on.
3) You may not install anything onto the computer without asking first.

Now, most of these rules are non-issues. He's only (almost) 7 and is respectful of the house rules, but still; better to set up these rules now. He does not have access to the internet yet. Only installed software. So far he's really enjoying himself. We've promised him some new software for his birthday in April and that we'd visit the library soon to see what they have as well.

The issue now is that he doesn't want to go back to school tomorrow. He wants to stay home on the computer all day. (Shh...I want to stay home another day too!)

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Yesterday, we didn't have school. Thank you, US Presidents!!

Payton's & Max's favorite cousins are in Ohio and we don't get to see them as often as any of them would like. It occurred to me a few weeks prior that if we were off school, they probably were too. As the date drew near, we decided to take a chance on the AAHOM. It was 1/2 way for each of us and a place I knew we'd all have plenty to see and do.

Aunt Debbie was able to come and brought cousins, Sarah, Brittany, Spencer and Britt's "beau", Chris, with her. Matt was off work and was able to come as well.

We really did have a blast! So much to see and do and so much for the boys to play with...and the adults too.

Saturday, February 13

Valentine's Day 2010

We usually don't do very much for Valentine's day usually, but for whatever reason this year we did a few little things. It's not that we don't like to celebrate love, but more that we tend to celebrate love everyday.

I got each of the boys a DVD that they'd like and I found a practical small gift for Matt. A pair of sunglasses. If you know my husband, you'll know he has sensitive eyes and needs sunglasses almost every day. And beyond that, he looses sunglasses ALL the time. We must buy 8-10 pair a year or more. The boys decided on a really cool watch for him.

Payton decided he wasn't going to "get" me anything this year. He wanted to make me breakfast instead. So I was greeted this morning with peanut butter toast from Payton and eggs and bacon from Matt. Not too bad of a start to my day! We spent the rest of the day just relaxing around the house and loving each other. :)

Olympics: Vancouver 2010

I've always liked the Olympics. Since I was young, but especially since college. I love to watch the nations be represented by such amazing feats and abilities. Some of the summer sports...some of the winter sports...but I'll really watch just about all of it.

This year, I'm really trying to get Payton involved as well. He liked watching the summer Olympics back in China 2008, but he gets it a bit more this year. He's really excited to watch the luge and the skating part. He's already picking up how the events work and athlete's names.

The next 10 days should be a LOT of fun...and information. So if you have a favorite sport, tell me! And Payton.

Thursday, February 11


Max isn't feeling well. It all started last night around 5pm. It's just a royal mess around here.

Matt was home with him this morning and then my boss was kind enough to let me come home at 10am to spend the rest of the day with him. He's eating now...we'll see if that stays down.

I'm really getting sick of puke in this house. I've cleaned it and disinfected it twice and it's still made a comeback. Gross.

Wednesday, February 10

Snow Day!!!

Last night, at 10:10pm, I think if you were listening hard enough you would have heard a small cheer go up across the Roseville Area. We had received notification of our first snow day this school year. So we went to bed with anticipation of 8 inches of snow and our alarm clocks turned off.

We woke at 8:15am to our children who were happy to announce to us that there was snow on the ground and no school! We only ended up with maybe 5 inches, but who cares once the call was made, it was done!

We finally ended up outside around 11:00. Matt shoveled. The boys played. I shoveled snow from one side of the front yard to the other in an attempt to make a small hill to "sled" down for the boys. We brought out Maxwell's Bilibo and let the boys slide down the "mountain" I had created. They really had a good time with it. And I'm so happy to have had a day with nothing planned for it!

Friday, February 5

What a WEEK! and other random things

After the crazy emotions earlier this week, Payton ended up getting sick on Thursday night. That kept both of us home from school today and Maxwell was the only one to go to school. Weird.

Maxwell started school last week. This was his second week and the first time I was able to go see the program. He's actually a little young for the class, but he's doing really well Ms. Chris said. She said that he was well behaved and so cute. They have a letter of the week and also have a "library check out" time. They have snack and show and tell. It's basically an introduction to what "real school" will be like for him someday. The program is only for 10 weeks and then we'll put him in it again in March, with another class I think. That will give him "school" two days a week.

He really enjoys going and is so excited to tell everyone what he's doing there. And he LOVES the fact that he has homework. He likes to sit with Payton at the table and do it each night. So cute!

Matt and Maxwell left for Ohio tonight to be with his parents and for Matt's military weekend. It sounds like they are to be getting a good amount of snow, so pray that they stay safe. Payton and I are home relaxing and anticipating doing nothing tomorrow. That's not really true, but nothing huge.

We plan to clean out his "baby" toys and move some to Max's room. Max's room is currently overflowing with toys, so we'll be doing some work there to clear out the "baby" toys in there as well. I think he'll be happy when he comes home on Sunday.

Well, I'm off to read a book and relax on the couch. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, February 3


I guess I never thought about how your emotions get involved with your students when you're a teacher. I mean, I know all the teachers at Reach like (or adore in some cases) their students. But I didn't realize how much you want to just care for them.

The principal said today she wanted to just buy a Partridge Family Bus and start taking kids home with her. Tonight, I feel the same way.

There have been a few incidents at school lately that I feel parents have over reacted making poor decisions that will influence their kid's educational career forever. And just yesterday I was personally involved in one of those. In the end, the parent decided to remove their child from the school essentially because they didn't like the rules or the way things go at our school.

When you take your child out of an environment where they are exceeding the goals and meeting expectations and doing well, all because you don't like one or two stinkin' rules...Isn't that the epitome of selfishness?

So tonight, my heart breaks for a child. A student who has to move schools because mom doesn't like the rules. I will pray for this student. That they will find a peaceful situation in a new school. That they will strive as hard as they did at Reach. And that they will exceed as Reach has taught them to. For that is true respect, perseverance, and courage.