Tuesday, February 21

Payton's Yellow Belt Ceremony Video

Payton & Max Christmas Video WWCN 2011

Payton's solo: 1:30
Max's shyness: 3:30
Amerie's love for Max: 4:15

Maxwell on Marriage

At dinner tonight regarding his best friend, Amerie who is also only 5 years old. It's only been 5 days since he's seen her.

"Ameria and I haven't planned our wedding yet. You marry someone you really like. Or even love. But we haven't planned the wedding part. After we get married, we'll get a house. And maybe we'll have kids. After we get married. And have a house. We'll have 2 kids. A boy and a girl.......(moment of silence)......I miss Ms. Liz and Amerie."

I'm in trouble.

Monday, February 13

Wait, what?

Max and I were just talking about fun things on the computer and he asked what a "blog" was.  I brought up this little blog to show him and ...HOLY SMOKES, I haven't written anything since November?  No way!  I mean, I knew it's been a long time, but I guess I didn't realize it was THAT long.

I wonder why that is.  Maybe there was nothing to share?  Nah.  My kids are funny as all get out and crazy smart (smarter than Momma sometimes even).  Maybe because our life returned to normal after Matt got back?  Really? What exactly IS normal?  I think it's because Facebook has taken over...

I have a few videos to post of fun accomplishments of Payton's.  And then I have some pictures of projects I've done around the house.  And of course, I have funny Maxwell stories.

I just hope I get it all up here and get back in the swing of posting on the blog...