Friday, October 21

Post Deployment Adjustment

Where has the time gone?!  My goodness! Over a month since my last post.

Everyone is doing well here in our little home.  Matt came home earlier this month and we've been enjoying having each other around. Learning to readjust...that's another thing.  I know people have to adjust after long term deployments, especially to war zones, but I knew that wasn't our situation.  I guess I knew things would be different, but didn't expect this different. 

I knew Matt and I have changed individually, both in very positive ways.  But now we're trying to make those changes work together.  I have become more independent and I have a routine that worked for me and the boys.  I'm used to only thinking of myself as the decision maker and now I'm having to relearn to consider him and his needs & thoughts on everything.  Matt has gotten used to being a bachelor.  He doesn't have to consider anyone else's routines and needs.  It's not a bad thing when you're living by yourself, it's just that we aren't in that season anymore.  We have both learned to be different people that worked well in the situation we've been in the last six months.  Now we have to relearn to be a couple and a family.

However, we are doing well on our routines.  Matt is helping out a LOT with getting the boys to and from their activities.  That has been a huge stress reliever for me.  And helping out with making dinner!  What a relief.

Overall, we're doing well.  The boys are loving having him home and so am I.  We're a family again.  And that is the best feeling in the world. 

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