Thursday, March 1

Max Gets Dressed Up

A conversation with Maxwell.

Me: Why do you have glitter on your face?
Max: I was playing with Gabby today.
Me: You and Gabby were playing with glitter?
Max:  We were playing Beauty and the Beast.
Me: Oh! Were you the Beast?
Max:  (He's getting embarrassed. I giggled.)  I wore a really handsome outfit.
Me: Really!  Tell me about it.
Max: It was white.  And had gold glitter on it. (He's giving me minimal details here.)
Me: Mm, hm.  What else?
Max: It was soft.
Me: Mm, hm.  What else?
Max: Um. Nothing.
Me: Was it a costume for boys?
Max: No.
Me: Was it a dress?
Max: Um.  I don't want to talk about it anymore.


kawyatt said...

Oh! Hahahaha LUV IT!

Kim Cervone said...

Just 100% pure awesome!!