Saturday, June 16

School's Out for Summer!!

Another fantastic school year has come to an end.  We are so proud of all of our accomplishments this year.

Maxwell has been homeschooled by Matt and our "babysitter", Ms. Liz.  He is able to identify all his uppercase and lowercase letters, knows their sounds, and can write most of them from memory (still working on a few lowercase letters).  He is also reading most 3-4 letter words!!  He's really excited about the summer reading program at the library so he can become a better reader.

Payton finished a super year in third grade at a new school.  The transition was perfect for him and he couldn't be happier.  He finished the year with straight A's - a personal goal he set for himself.  AND the last day of school it was announced he was elected a fourth grade student representative to the student council!  He couldn't stop smiling!

My third year teaching also finished strong.  I had a great year and was really happy with my final evaluation.

We all grew so much this year and, strangely, we're already looking forward to next year!

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