Tuesday, November 20


I guess because I had babysat so many kids and was a nanny to so many kids growing up, that I thought this parenting thing would be easier. Now, almost 5 years in, it's not getting any easier. And I've realized it's not going to.

My first son was such a great baby. My second has not proven the same. But more than how easier a baby they are...it's emotionally. You teach them to walk, to talk, to have manners, to use them and be, what you hope in the end, will be wonderful people. But recently, my oldest has started using these things I taught him independently.

The other day he told a friend "Hello. It's so nice to see you again." What? He's four. When did he grow up. He tells me he loves me out of the blue for no "real" reason. He's always kissing his little brother and wants to help around the house. He was upset last time I came home from the grocery store and he DIDN'T get to help put the dishes away.

It's great to see them grow and mature, but at the same time, I long for him to need me more sometimes. To depend on me like he used to. I guess that's why I had #2....

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