Sunday, October 25

Robots at Play

Recently on Facebook, I reconnected with a friend of my brother's from when they went to high school together. I was always "Loren's little sister, Elli" to Kris, but she found me all grown up on Facebook.

I noticed right away she was just as artsy now as she had always been. And when I saw her work I knew right away my boys needed her work. You you NEED coffee, or a new pair of shoes. That kind of need.

I ordered matching (yet slightly different) robot shirts for each of my boys. I was SO excited when they came and the boys just LOVE them. I like that she does each item to order so it's unique, yet so amazingly crafted. She has so many great ideas on her facebook page of stuff she's done, but she's always willing to hear more too!

If you like her work, be sure to check out the page and message her to order a shirt or two. Christmas is coming and who doesn't love a cute shirt as a gift!

*I was not paid or commissioned in anyway to provide this review.*

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Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Those are so cute and the boys are even cuter!

I have something for you over at my blog, so hop on over. Oh, and I have some giveaways on there too that you might want to enter!