Tuesday, October 6

Holy Commercialism, Batman!

Usually in this house, we watch a lot of prerecorded TV shows, so rarely do we watch commercials. And the kids' programing we watch is on Nick Jr., Noggin or PBS (no commercials at all).

Today, Payton discovered a new show on Nickelodeon. The show in and of itself was a fun and brain challenging show, so I was fine with that. But the commercials; Oh My GOODNESS!! I couldn't believe it. Every commercial was for a doll, a toy, a video game or fast food.

I swear the companies are trying to turn our kids into little kids who "need" everything. My kids know not to ask for things when we go to the store. We're there for specific reasons and not to get you a toy or candy bar. But commercials like the ones I saw would only make a kid want one or two of everything they see!

From now on, we'll stick to recorded TV and fast forward through the commercials!!


Anonymous said...

Some things never change unfortunately, wished we would have had fast forward when the boys were little LOL. Love Mom K

Caution Flag said...

You are right. Trying to get a Christmas list here is crazy because my kids are so worried that they'll miss something they've seen on a commercial.

Kim Cervone said...

we do the prerecorded stuff and PBS too but I was thinking that skipping commercials leads to no concept of delayed gratification. damed if you do, damned if you don"t...xo

shabby girl said...

You sound like a smart mama!