Wednesday, October 20


My grandmother was one of the most influential people in my life. She was amazing, crazy (in a good way), cooky, and just plain "fun". I can't remember a time we were together that we weren't laughing. The times we had together in my 21 years were full of great advice, funny one-liners and antics that only she could get away with.

She passed away back in 2000, but even her death was a funny story. She had been married to my grandfather for many years, had 3 kids together and then got a divorce. She got married again (as did he). When both their spouses had died many years later, my Bam and my grandpa fell back in love and got remarried. An epic love tale if you'd ever heard one. My grandfather proceeded her death by about 4 years. When she passed away in 2000, she was buried in a plot next to her second husband, with my grandfather's ashes next to her in the coffin. Only my Bam. (In the picture, the large gravestone is my Bam and her 2nd husband who purchased the plot together. The back marker is for my grandfather who is buried with my Bam.)

This past weekend, while in Ohio, Matt and I stopped by her grave to pay respects to my Bam and my Papaw. And even with tears in my eyes, I got a chuckle out of her situation...surrounded by men, even in the grave.

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