Monday, March 28


From the moment of the news of Matt's deployment, I knew that we'd have to do Daddy-Bears.  I needed a way for the kids to do an activity with their daddy that would be a comfort to them when he was gone.  These bears would be (hopefully) the comfort they needed.

Friday, after recovering from Great Wolf Lodge, we headed out.  When we arrived, the boys each picked out their bear; Payton picked a "rockstar bear" that can plug into any audio device and Maxwell picked the softest bear he could find (he's all about the softness of things).  Matt took them over to the stuffing station.  The young lady, after being informed why we were there, had special plans in store.  Matt recorded sound for each boy and placed it in their feet or hands (whichever the boy chose).

She then had each boy stuff their bear.  They then each chose a heart and Matt took two. She said something like this:

Hold them to your head so you know Daddy's always with you.
Hold them to your ear so you can remember Daddy's voice.
Hold it to your cheek so you can remember Daddy's kiss.
Spin around so the love doesn't get lost.
Now give Daddy a hug.

I'm sure there was more and I'm sure the words were different, but I was too busy staying composed and trying to take pictures.  They then placed the hearts into their bears while Matt placed one into each boy's bear.  From then on, it was standard Build-A-Bear routine; the bath, the clothes, the registration and the box.  The boys LOVE their bears and they haven't gone anywhere without them yet.  I hope they will bring them great comfort through the next difficult weeks and months.

I almost wish I'd had him make me a bear. :/

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Gene said...

What a wonderful day!!!!!! LOVE U ALL, and TONS OF HUGS Love Mom K