Tuesday, March 8

Payton's Letter to Daddy

I just got home from my first meeting with my new support group; Heroes on the Homefront.  It was nice to sit and talk with people who have been there and get it.  I have a lot of great friends in cyber-land who have offered me a lot of support, but being in the same room with other ladies was really nice.

When I got home, I was doing the "mom thing" and packing lunches and snacks, organizing shoes, and going through paperwork in Payton's backpack.  As I was sorting papers, I came across this.  I love my kiddo.  His grown up word choices, his lack of spelling corrections, the way he wrote a message for Max because Max can't do it himself.  He's such an amazing little man. 


Noel said...

aww so sweet.

Gene said...

AWWWWWWWW his letter brought both me and PAPA to tears. He's so much older then his age,and will be be such comfort and companionship while Matts gone.Love Mom K

Kim Cervone said...

What a great guy he is!!!