Sunday, August 14

It's Just Not the Same

Birthdays. Usually I look forward to them all month long.  Small celebrations with all my family and friends.  But this just feels different. Maybe it's my age.  Maybe it's the fact that Matt is gone.  Maybe it's the weather. (I don't remember it ever being rainy and dreary on my actual birthday.)

I had a very nice dinner with my inlaws and my parents on Friday night.  My mother in law, God bless her, went out with the boys and got me flowers and let the boys decorate their house with streamers and balloons.  At dinner, the boys were excited for the party hats they had brought to the restaurant.  My parents brought my favorite cake, a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, for me to enjoy as well.  The waiter was incredibly nice and even took a picture with me with a birthday hat on. 

I have a lunch and a dinner planned with a friend or two over the next few days, too.  Those are always enjoyable. And so many people have extended me kind words and birthday greets today on Facebook.

I am sorry I'm "down".  It's not like me.  I guess I'm just missing "normal"...whatever that was.

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Gene said...

It will get better!!!!!We all have those kind of B-Days.. You have a lot on your plate right now..Love u much. Mom K