Tuesday, August 16

Maxwell the Mighty

Maxwell has quite a history of injuries in his short four year and seven months of life. In January 2010, he cracked his mouth on the coffee table and ended up with stitches in his lip.  He knocked out his tooth in March of 2010.  Earlier this spring, he broke his collarbone and ended up in the ER twice; once for the collarbone and once for a concussion from the fall.  That's on top of all the random bumps, bruises, cuts, scratches that don't warrant ER visits. (Not to mention his other shenanigans!)

But his timing of this weekend's event was...let's call it "special".  Sunday was my birthday and as you can see in my earlier post, I wasn't having the best birthday.  Maxwell, in his nature, decided to make it special.  In his words:
 "I was trying to get my balloon from the ceiling when I fell and landed on the coffee table right on the edge.  We're going to get rid of that bad coffee table."
He was climbing on the furniture while I was in the kitchen and BAM! smacked his face on the coffee table.  Yeah.  (That coffee table's gotta go.) From here I'll summarize: bleeding, call Matt, discuss, ER (same ER, same Dr.).  Diagnosis: broken nose.  Follow up with the ENT on Thursday.  Today he's bruised and swollen.  But he hasn't complained of pain once.  Tough kiddo!

With Max, life is an adventure...usually including a trip to the ER.


Gene said...

Ever hear the quote,, tough times don't last, but tought people do!!! Well i would say you fit in this catagory lol Love Mom K

Matt and Bethany said...

Oh Maxwell... You should buy stock in the ER!!! Hope he's back to normal soon!