Saturday, November 19

Adjustments All Around

So much going on in our lives!

Matt has been home for more than 45 days now.  We're still adjusting...I think we'll continue to for sometime.  I learned to live alone and handle schedules, cleaning, working and cleaning how it worked for me and the boys.  Matt learned to be self-sufficient and not have to think about others' schedules and needs.  Now, Matt is back to work, so we're having to work around several different schedules.  It's taking time, a few disagreements, and lots of compromise, but we're getting there. 

Payton is doing SO well at his new school!  He's happy most days and has made some great friends.  He has learned some new social skills and is fitting in really well.  The academics are at his level and he's being challenged in most subjects.

He is also taking karate twice a week.  He is doing better than we could have imagined and loves the instructor.  His perfectionist nature is allowing him to memorize and master his skills.  He's not allowing his gross-motor issues get in the way.  He's pushing through and making the best of it, even if it requires him to work hard.

Maxwell has learned to read in the last month too!  He's sounding out 3-4 letter words and can read a full "beginning reader" book.  He's so happy!  Next time you see him, ask him to read a word for you!

We're getting ready for the holidays around here.  It's our favorite time of the year and I can't wait for the joy, the celebrations and the time with family.

We pray you are all doing well and hope to see many of you this upcoming season. 

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