Monday, December 17


Why is it so hard for some people to apologize?

There seems to be something about an apology that people have trouble getting. They are SUPPOSED to be from the heart. Not coerced. They SHOULD be given freely, without reservation. Not begged for and have an alterior motive. An apology SHOULD make the person feel BETTER, not worse...or create an arguement about the apology itself.

A good apology should be in a calm manner, with compassion and understanding. It should include the words "I'm sorry for ________________". Just saying your sorry about something, without naming the specific something, doesn't mean much. A true apology tells the person, and yourself, what the situation was really about and that you know you did wrong.

If I didn't hear your apology, because the kids were screaming, and you were on the other side of the bathroom door while I'm in the shower...don't get mad at ME for asking you to apologize again when I didn't even hear the first one!

Why are apologies so hard for people to give...when it's the most peaceful and easiest way out of a situation? I take apologies to heart. And when people DON'T apologize, it means even more than the apology could have...

Heck. My four year old knows how to apologize "properly"!!

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Marissa said...

i give this post a big fat WORD!!

apologies mean so much & some people just don't get that! empty apologies are worse than any apology at all IMO.