Monday, December 31

Goodbye 2007; Hello 2008

Wow. What an amazing year.

My family has grown by one perfect little man. My heart has grown. My spirituality has grown. My friendships have grown...

Last January, I gave birth to my second boy. He is such a trying, but loving little man. I know our family is complete and I couldn't ask for anything more for us. He has helped me realize what God made part of me and what I've made myself. I've learned, through watching a child, what is personality and what is choice. He's been a blessing in just one year already.

I have gone to counseling for six months now and it's been God Sent. It started as a way to figure out my marriage and what I wanted from it. But in doing so, I realized I can't expect anything from my husband that I wouldn't give of myself. I've reevaluated and I know where I stand with myself, God and my marriage now. I'm at peace with my decisions thus far.

I have found God in a new way. Through my son. Through counseling. And through friends. I've been lucky to do this in my own time and really figure some things out that were eluding me. I look forward to what he has in store for me and my family.

My friendships. Ahhh. Some things have been painfully made clear to me in the last year. Those who are really there for me. And thus, those who are not. People that I tought I wouldn't count on, surprisingly, are there for me. And truthfully, I'm better with the people who are close and in my life. I'm blessed to have several close friends who I can count on for a shoulder (or boob, Marissa), a drink or just a laugh.

As 2007 comes to a close, I look forward to 2008. I hope for a solid relationship that I can love and count on. I hope for more peace in my life. I hope for answers to questions that have been "out there" for awhile. And I hope for many more good memories with my sons and my friends.


Marissa said...

You know I'm always here with a shoulder, an ear and most especially a boobie if you need to rub one for comfort. I love you and don't you forget it!! :D

I, too, have finally come to terms that not all friendships are meant to be long-standing. I'm now at peace with one of the friendships that you & I are both referring to. I'm choosing to concentrate on the positive that came from it (my self-worth, a stronger & better understanding of my own beliefs & faith and my ability to stand up for what I truly believe without backing down nor having to be mean & hateful about it).

Some people make your life better by entering it and then there are those who, once you step back & realize it, make your life better by exiting it.

I hope you're one of my friends who never exits, nor has a reason to. {{{hugs}}}

Ellisa said...

Thanks Marissa. Yes, I'm talking about *that* friendship. It's amazing how looking back, I realize that I'm not sure we were ever really friends. Not in the way I'm friends with my close friends. Um. Something to think about I guess.

And I hope I never exit either. And thanks for the boobie.