Tuesday, September 8

Back to School

Today was the day. According to Michigan law, no school can start before Labor Day. That meant all of the state was back to school today.

I had trouble sleeping and when I finally did fall asleep I slept hard! Thank goodness. I woke to my alarm at 6:30am, said a prayer for peace and patience and a calm stomach and hopped in the shower. Shortly after I finished dressing, the entire house was awake.

I made sure the boys were all set for the day and headed out the door, leaving "first day of school pictures" to Matt. He was also in charge of taking Payton to his first day of first grade. Can you believe it?! Payton is in first grade!!! Geez. I feel old.

I peeked in on Payton a few times at school, getting great reports from his teacher Mrs. McCoy and the parpro, Mrs. Palm. Everyone in that class was having a great day. I spent the day hopping around the kindergarten classes, with a few minutes to pause for my lunch a 10 minutes rush to get prep work for tomorrow done.

Tomorrow I'll have my own first teaching group. I'm sure it will go smoothly...how much can kindergartners really be disappointed with going to the library and listening to a story, right? Right.....


Kim Cervone said...

A big first day for you both (not really your FIRST but first with the kids. Exciting!

Ann said...

You are a busy woman. I teach kids your sons age, and I also remember when my kids were young.

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