Tuesday, September 15

A long time ago, in a land far, far away...

I actually had the time to blog and interesting things to say and comment on. Now, I'm dropping the ball. For that, I apologize. But currently, I should be sleeping. I still can't get on this work schedule thing.

Payton and I are both adjusting to school. He's already had a few days where he's "too tired" to get out of bed. Luckily I manage to tickle him out of bed and get him moving. There is no one to tickle me out of bed (thank goodness!) since I'm up at 6:30am and in the shower 1 minute later.

Overall things are going well. The family is adjusting. Max is having the hardest time. He needs his nap he's not always getting. And he's extra clingy to me when I pick him up from his sitter.

Matt is doing an amazing job keeping the house in order, running errands and working. My jobs are finishing what he didn't get to and packing lunches for the next day. I'm running out of creative solutions to the lunch situation at only two weeks out. This doesn't bode well!!

I hope you're all great. Just because I'm not commenting on your blogs or facebook pages doesn't mean I'm not reading. I miss you all.

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The D'Alessandro Family said...

life happens... it's okay! we all still love you! and it will get easier once everyone's used to the routine.