Sunday, May 9

Lovin' Some Appreciation

Last week was National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Although I'm not a "real" teacher, I teach.  All day long.  And I was appreciated!

My leadership team provided us with breakfast and lunch and snack throughout the week.  The PTC provided us with some great meals and even let the students vote and create some awards. I won two by student vote: Most Organized and Always has an Encouraging Word.  I even got a few kind notes from some of my students and their families. Everything was wonderful and very special.  But the best thing I received was unsolicited and straight from the heart.

I was teaching some of my fifth grade students.  We were talking about next year and skills that they would really need in middle school.  One of the boys looked me right in the eyes and said "Mrs. Kobylak, why don't you teach in a classroom?"  I told him that I liked the library and I didn't go to college for teaching, but that I was planning on doing that soon.  The other five students who were listening to our conversation all chimed in and said things like "Yeah! You'd be a great class teacher!" and "I think you're really cool, Mrs. Kobylak!"

I know it was a week to remind teachers how much you love and appreciation all they do, but this was more than I expected.  It's great to know the kids like me and enjoy the time they spend with me.  It was the most special this I received this week.

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