Sunday, May 16

A Momma's Weekend

Matt took the boys to Ohio to be with his parents for the weekend. I had plans to be with friends. It was *exactly* what I needed!!

Friday, after school, I joined a great group of my co-workers for dinner and a few drinks. We played darts and hung out and talked. I had a great time. I needed to be myself for awhile. Not a mom. Not a teacher. And I was smart and left at 10:30 when they were changing locations. I came home and slept all alone in my bed. Great night!

Saturday, I did a little shopping and got my hair done for a wedding in the afternoon. My date, Carp, came to the house, did my makeup and we took off for the ceremony. It was a traditional Masdonian wedding. BEAUTIFUL!! The reception was a lot of fun too! Two tables of co-workers and their spouses. There was a lot of traditional Masadonian dancing as well, but when they put on the songs we knew, we were on the dance floor. SO much fun! We were the last of our group to leave, but we had a great time.

Today, I've done my lesson plans for my kindergarten group, updated the newsletter for tomorrow and I'm getting ready to join a friend for lunch.

It's been a great, great weekend. But I'm ready to have my boys home tonight. I've missed them all. <3

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