Monday, January 24

Little Man Turns 4

Today, Maxwell turned four. And since it's my last baby, it was a bit hard for me. I'm not ready for him to get big.

We celebrated over the weekend with my inlaws. We took the boys to see Tangled (for the second time), went to eat at Moose Traxx, and then came home for cake and presents. The boys will be celebrating in March with a joint birthday party, so we just kept this weekend low key.

Maxwell, you have grown into such a wonderful little man. Your laughter brings everyone around you joy. You share so many insightful, funny quips and I love when you tell stories with your serious attitude. You give the greatest hugs and are a wonderful cuddler. Your love and joy for the world is contagious, even if it means more work for your parents sometimes. Today, you read a few words in "Where the Wild Things Are". You loved that the book is "ABOUT ME!!!". We read it twice just for you.

I love you so very much. Thank you for blessing me to be your mother.

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