Saturday, January 1

2010, What A Year!!

If have to find a common theme in 2010, unfortunately it would be ER trips/hospital stays.  We started January 2010 with a ER visit for Payton falling out of his bed and Maxwell busting his lip on the coffee table.  And then I ended the year with a (too long) stay in the hospital.  And we sadly said goodbye to a few great men this year; Matt's grandfather, Matt's Great Uncle Tony and my cousin by marriage, Roger Burns.

But there were a lot of great things that happened this year, too.  We had a great summer vacation.  The boys each had a fabulous birthday (Payton's & Maxwell's).  Matt and I enjoyed some time just the two of us, on several occasions.  We saw a lot of family during our trips and I even got a new sister-in-law for Thanksgiving.

It was definitely an eventful and interesting year, but the blessings were many.  We had some difficult times, but nothing we weren't stronger because of in the end.  I look forward to what 2011 holds for us. 

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