Wednesday, May 11

Crayola Color Bubbles

I love Crayola products...normally. As any mom with a child under the age of five knows, their Color Wonder line is AMAZING! Nothing to stain my carpets or my carseats yet they get the color they want. It's amazing.

But this time, Crayola needs to rethink their product. The boys got some of the Crayola Color Bubbles from a well meaning friend or relative for their birthday back in March. I'm sure they thought the same thing I did when I saw them on the shelf; "Those look cool!" I mean who wouldn't want colored bubbles, right?

But after reading several reviews online about people having stains are their carpet, clothes and children, I decided to play it safe and toss the bubbles. I knew we had two bottles...but I could only find one. That is until this afternoon. Maxwell found it in his room (thankfully sealed still) and brought it out to me. Of course, he wanted to play with them.

I made sure I wasn't overly concerned about the clothes he was wearing, made him promise to stay outside with them and then sent him on his way. Within 30 seconds he was calling me outside. When he removed the wand from the "spill resistant" thingy that covers the bottle opening, it flung the bubble solution all over his face and into his eye. Yep. Awesome. Way to go Crayola.

We did a quick rinse and he was fine and wanted to continue playing. I sat outside with him and within a minute my feet were speckled with green bubble splatter. I stole the bubble wand away and started blowing them myself thinking maybe it was just his technique. Nope. It wasn't. Those things are MESSY! Max likes to play "clap the bubble" that didn't help.

In the end, we got about five minutes of play in before I was sick of seeing green dye all over. All over my son, his clothes, my hands, the flowers the bubble landed in...even Max's hair! My sidewalk looks like I smashed a bunch of tiny Kermits! I tossed the bubbles with promises of buying "normal" bubbles soon.

I will say that the dye did come off our hands easily with just some soap and water. I just hope that the clothes...and sidewalk...and aluminum siding fair as well.

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Gene said...

Tiny crushed Kermits lol I love it. If its any consultation, I bought glow in the dark chalk from crayola for this wkend. Hopefuly it will not be as messy lol. Love Mom K