Monday, May 23

Way to Go, You!

I guess I've spent too much time at school looking to reward good behavior.  I've noticed lately that when I'm out in public and see someone do something that would be outside of our normal behavior, I want to reward them with something.  At school we use tokens.  I'm not sure what would be appropriate to give to the guy who picked up trash that wasn't his.  Or the 10 year old who stood up to his friend who was being mean to another kid. 

Maybe Dairy Queen should pass out "Good Citizenship" tokens for residents to give to other residents.  Or McDonald's.  SOMEONE!  Until then, I guess, "Way to Go, You!" will have to do. 


Anonymous said...

Way to go, you, for saying way to go you, Do not fear the look, confusion or fear you may see in there eyes. your kindness will catch on and will grow even if only in yourself.Not every one will look at you like your from Mars, as for me way to go means much, much, more then an ice cream.
So thank you and way to go

AliasFindingNemo said...

haha, that's funny...and nice!!