Saturday, February 14

Happy Spamalot!

I did it again! I completely surprised Matt. I worked with a friend of his to cancel plans they had, found a babysitter (THANKS, CHRISTINE!!) and he was completely surprised when we arrived at the Fisher Theater in Detroit to see the Broadway show, Spamalot, last night.

Now, I'm not a Monty Python fan. At all. But I remembered a few songs from high school or college or maybe my brothers singing them...who knows. Other than that, I felt I was just going to be going for Matt. I knew he'd love it and be very happy. And he was!! But I found it funny too. For different reasons. Matt was able to draw from the movies and compare things. But I found humor in the humor and lines. The antics were great and it didn't disappoint. Everyone leaving the theater was very happy and talking about it. It's in Detroit until Sunday and if you have the chance to go, I recommend it.

After the show, we went for appetizers and a drink before we came home. It was great to be able to plan something for Matt that had nothing to do with me and he in the end was very grateful. He's told me "thank you" about 20 times I think. I guess I'm learning to be more self-less. And it was so very worth it.


Jen said...

So glad you both had a great time!!!

Lauren said...

How cool!! Dave would have loved that! Great Job!!!

Kim Cervone said...

Great surprise.