Saturday, February 21

Memories: Part II (Yep, just as long as Part I)

Friends. I've been blessed with many over my (almost) 30 years. Many have come and gone. A few have stuck around (Hi, Michelle & Bethany). I've made new friends with every new location I've been in my life and it's always been easy for me. But here in Michigan, I've made some of the best friends of my life. And as I've grown, I've learned what a true friend can be and should be. My "Michigan Friends" have taught me that. Here are just some of my "A good friend..." lines. Please share yours in the comments!

A good friend tells you that sweater doesn't look good on you and finds one for you from her closet that rocks.

A good friend helps you fight off the drunks in the Big Daddy Taxi.

A good friend is just as happy with a night in as a night out.

A good friend laughs with you so hard you squirt drink out your nose.

With a good friend, you can have a inside joke that you don't want to share with anyone because then it isn't just your secret anymore.

With a good friend, you can hang out in a tea house for hours talking about nothing...or everything.

A good friend watches your kids in a pinch or lends you her car when yours is broken. (yes, I put children and cars in the same category...get over it.)

A good friend shares her favorite spots, tricks and recipes with you without feeling like you are stealing something. (Children's names do NOT fall in this category.)

A good friend meets you for drinks (coffee or other) and non-shopping (that's walking around looking at things you wish you had money to buy).

A good friend doesn't keep track of who's "turn" it is to buy lunch.

A good friend actually prays for you when she says "I'm praying for you." (and prays even when she doesn't say she will and there's nothing you've asked for prayer for.)

A good friend is someone you confide in. Someone you count on. Someone you share your hopes and dreams with. Someone you share your deepest thoughts and even some of your nightmares with.

But a great friend. A great friend is someone who tells you the truth. Even when it hurts. Someone who isn't judging, but helping. Someone who is willing to risk friendship for that brutal truth you just need to hear.

To my great friends who shared their brutal truth with me in my times of need; Thank You. You have helped save me, my marriage, my kids and our friendships I'm sure. Thank you for being my amazing friends.

And to think back in high school, a great friend was someone who told laughed, talked about boys and agreed that your parents were totally out of touch. What did we know back then, Michelle?!

...all this from a Bob Seger song that has NOTHING to do with friendship...


The D'Alessandro Family said...

we knew nothing!

love ya

Jen said...

I am so glad to have you as a friend!

And to think one of my favorite things about Michigan is from Ohio,LOL!!

I Love ya!!

tiffay said...


Brightside said...

A great friend is someone who posts sappy, genuine, from the heart posts, that brighten your whole week.

Love you!

Kim Cervone said...

A good friend is someone who loves your children because they are yours.