Tuesday, February 17


Payton is off school 3 days this week & Maxwell is sick. Snot hanging from his nose, coughing sick. We went to the doctor yesterday and she wasn't concerned. She felt he wasn't contagious and it was just a chest/head cold. Thank goodness. But he's still miserable and I haven't taken him anywhere since Saturday.

I'm not feeling the best myself and I'm starting to go insane. I can only play the same games, the same puzzles, & watch the same 5 tv shows so many times. I was to take Payton to a friend's to play today with our playgroup friends, but the hostess' daughter is sick, so that canceled our plans. I was really looking forward to not having to find things to keep Payton busy. He has pent up energy that needs to be release. We've gone so far as to print "homework" for him to do. Tomorrow, we hope to make it out with some friends....hopefully that will help.

Tomorrow is the last day of our alternate schedule then school resumes on Thursday! Thank goodness! Pray for my sanity.


Anonymous said...

So sorry the boys have been Soooo sick. I hope you get back to normal soon!!!!And that you get your sanity back also LOL. Love Mom K.

Jen said...

Ugh, hope everyone is feeling better today and you guys can get out of the house. Then you'll be back to "normal". We have the rest of the week off and I am already out of entertaining things to do,pray for me,LOL!
Have a good day!!

P~Bear said...

Po Yuck.
I feel for you all.
Hope that all is better soon.