Wednesday, January 13

Payton's Big Adventure

Last night, I was peacefully asleep when around 12:30am, I heard a loud thud and Payton crying. Matt had just gotten home from work and was still awake and ran into Payton's room. I figured Matt would handle it and stayed in bed. A few minutes later, I could still hear P crying in pain in the living room. I put on my robe, went to see what had happened.

As Payton explained it, he rolled off the only open end of his loft in his sleep. He landed flat on his back (thankfully!) on the carpeted floor. We had him laying flat on the couch and he said that it was hurting more not less as time went on. I asked him to sit and that made him more uncomfortable.

Matt and I just weren't ok with the level of pain he was in. We decided it was time for a trip to the ER. The problem was he couldn't stand or sit to get to the car. While Matt made him comfortable on the floor, I changed clothes and called 9-1-1. My first time ever having to call.

The ambulance came and loaded him up on a back board and all kinds of stabilization tools. Payton enjoyed his ride in the ambulance and shared his excitement with "duck", his special animal he's had since the day he was born. By the time we got to the ER, he was feeling much better and after seeing the doctor, he was allowed off the back board.

After x-rays and another once over from the ER doctor, we were sent home. We spent a total of 4 hours on this adventure. Today, Payton is feeling just fine. I imagine he's going to be sore tomorrow and through the weekend, but for now he's fine. We're all home today, recovering from a wild trip that none of us will forget.

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