Monday, January 25

Zoodles: Kids Game Manager

I have two little men who LOVE to play on the computer, but I hate having them switch back and forth between sites and not knowing exactly what they are playing.

Recently, I discovered It's a web based program that remembers your child's learning level and the appropriateness of the the games for your child. When you click the desktop icon, a secure internet browser is launched. The browser blocks all the ads, so my kids aren't bombarded with "buy me-eat me" messages. It's a collection of all the best educational games from the sites my kids normally play at, but all in one place! PBS, Nick Jr, Fisher-Price, Disney, Discovery and tons more! More than 250 game choices! The kids can not log out until I type in the word "quit" in the corner.

AND, I set the controls. I choose the focus of their games: Literacy, Math, Life Skills, Science and Social Studies. Each boy has their own profile, so I can choose more Life Skills for Max at this stage and more Science and Social Studies for Payton. I can set time limits, violence limits, block specific shows (Spongebob in this house), block games and block sites.

At the end of each week, I get a report for each boy that tells me how long they played, what games they played and how they did on them.

It does cost, but the low monthly fee is so worth it to know that my kids are on a safe site where I control what they do.

I was not paid or asked to review this product. It is my own opinion and the company did not influence my opinion in any way.

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