Saturday, January 2

so tired....

I had intended to sit down tonight a write a few reviews on the boys fave and not-so-fave toys of the holiday season. I'm not going to.

I'm tired. I'm crabby. And my lil' man is calling my name from his bed because he "needs a band-aid". Every night he needs a band-aid. And then, he needs "medicinit" (medicine). No, he doesn't get it. Then, he needs "fresh water". Then he wants to hear a story. Then he wants to play a game. Then he wants to sing "just one" song. Which turns into two or three.

So I'm giving up on the intelligent blog post for tonight about why my kids did or didn't like the toys they got for Christmas and instead, I'm going to go see what Maxwell wants (again) and then crack open a Cherry Wheat Sam Adams and hit the couch with the heating pad. Sounds like a great night.

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The D'Alessandro Family said...

ahhh!!! first - there's nothing wrong with cracking open a cold one, especially sam adams! second - good luck with that. we went through that with izzy and now ade. i think it's the age or something. i have no words of wisdom bc nothing has worked for me. eventually they just stop doing it. sorry, hunny!