Saturday, January 16


Payton is doing just fine. No permanent effects other than a new board being added to the end of his bed for more security.

My mother-in-law's father passed away. It's Matt's first death of a grandparent. And Payton's first experience with death of a family member.

We found out on Thursday night, but we didn't even mention it to Payton until Friday after school. We explained it to him, and answered a few questions he had for us, but for the most part he doesn't really understand yet. We told him the funeral would be on Monday and that we thought he'd have more questions then. I encouraged him to ask them when he thought of them. I hope he does.

Other than the drama of the fall/ambulance ride & this recent loss in Matt's family, it's been a pretty slow week. ;)

Next week, I have a TON of work to do in the library at school, I have to lead some professional development and then I also have to plan Maxwell's birthday party! Can you believe my little guy will be 3 in just 1 week? :(

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