Wednesday, June 23

School's Out for SUMMER!!

Friday was the last day of school.  I survived my first year of working.  Payton survived first grade.  And I think we'll even go back in the fall ;)

Payton was fortunate enough to be given 6 awards this quarter.  While he was walking up to receive them and the titles were being read out for everyone, his eyes got big and his jaw dropped.  He let out a loud "WHOA!" in front of everyone.  I think he'd amazed himself.  I am amazed at his abilities and thrilled to be his mother.  He's such a blessing to so many people around him.  We're so proud of him and he's realizing pride in himself. 

We've settled into our summer vacation routine.  Sleeping later.  Watching TV.  Picnics. Playing outside.  It's been great! 

We leave for North Carolina on Friday AM.  That is when I feel like vacation truly begins.  I've been doing a lot of prep for the trip.  But the boys (and Matt) have been very helpful with the whole process.  It should be a GREAT trip! 

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