Saturday, June 5

The Cliffnotes

Here is summary of our lives.  SO busy lately.  I can't wait for school to be over so I can enjoy summer & my boys!!   (Most of these taken with our new travel size digital camera rather than my lovely, but large Nikon.)

 Payton is adjusting well to his glasses.  This is one of his two pairs.  This is the pair he wears most often.

We had to replace P's hamster.  This is our new one.  Lucky.  She's lucky we're keeping her.  She's CRAZY!

I planted all new flowers in front of the house.  This is before...

This is after.  LOVE the purple & white with a touch of yellow.  Click image to make it larger. :)

Matt and I joined some friends at the Tigers game Memorial Day weekend.  We had a GREAT time!

There were even fireworks!

Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, we marched in a local parade with Reach Academy.  This is a friend of ours, Tim.  Matt & Tim have both lost about 30 lbs recently and they look more like twins now than before!

Maxwell enjoyed himself more than anyone else I think.  He loved every minute of the parade.

My parents were here to join in the festivities as well.  My dad really enjoys this day every year. :)

Later that day, the dog got a "bath".  She loves the hose and the boys love to hose her off!

Memorial Day we watched a GREAT parade in Sterling Heights.  The boys made out like bandits!

It rained later and my mom took the boys out to play in the puddles.

It's been a great, but busy month so far.  I can only imagine what our summer will be like!!!

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