Monday, June 14

addicted to books

Payton has been reading for just 2 years and I am constantly AMAZED at his reading skill. Not just reading, but sound out big words. And understand what he's reading for the most part! Today, during his "non-learning time" at school and on the way home, while running errands, he read 170 pages in a 4th grade fiction book. I can't get the kid to put a book down!! He reads Junie B. Jones & Magic Tree House books in 1 hour!

I'm challenged in a way I didn't expect as a mother. He's reading ability is so high (4th-5th grade level) that I struggle to find things appropriate for him. Although we have a few Captain Underpants and such, I don't really like him reading them. We've switched to non-fiction, but I still haven't found *the* topic to suck him in and get him engaged. A loving cousin let us borrow her leveled library from when she was a teacher. Payton loves the books and really likes having new things to read. He's always looking to trade books. If you have some you'd like to trade out to him, just say the word and we'll gather 'em up. As you can tell, we have a lot to choose from!!

If you have any ideas on series to start him on, please let me know! Or if you have a topic you think he'd be interested in reading more about, please let me know that!

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