Sunday, July 18

Family Reunion Time - 2010

Yesterday was the annual Wehrle Family Reunion. This is the family on Matt's paternal grandmother's side. We really only see them once a year at this reunion. I do wish we got to see them more often though.

Each of the parts of the family host once every 3 years. This year, Dick & Rita hosted at their home on Round Lake in Manitou Beach, Michigan. Matt had to work and was not able to attend. It's a shame since this is his family!!

There are a LOT of little kids close to Max and Payton's age. The boys had a great time. Payton played out on the lake all day. I barely saw him other than to eat or go to the bathroom. He was like a little fish! He made friends with a few of his cousins, although I'm sure next year when we meet up all over again, he'll be very excited to see them all again.

Maxwell enjoyed the water in time. He needs an adult with him still and I had forgotten my suit, so he had to rely on other adults in the water. He did pretty well though. He more enjoyed hanging out with the adults. He "helped" referee the corn hole tournament I was playing in. (I lost, by the way.) Max also developed a friend in his little cousin, Izzy.

Oh, and they both enjoyed all the candy!!! I enjoyed just relaxing by the water all day. It was nice to catch up with a few of the family as well. There are so many, and we see them so rarely that I don't really remember many of their names, as embarrassing as that is to say. Hopefully I'll remember their names until next year!

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