Friday, July 23

Sam & Shamus have arrived!

We stopped into the library today for a visit and I noticed some teddy bears in backpacks on top of a book case. After reading a bit, I realized their "Traveling Teddies" program was a take home teddy that you could chronicle your adventures with for a time. Too bad we didn't see them before we went on vacation, but we could still do it now, right?! Of course, the librarian said.

So this week, with Matt gone to Ohio until the 1st, we have to visitors: Sam & Shamus. Sam, in the green bandanna, will be under Payton's care, while Max is loving up on Shamus. The boys were very excited. We immediately took a picture to start our journal and now they're watching movies and sharing popcorn with the two new boys.

This should be a fun week!!

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