Tuesday, July 20

It's fun to be a grownup!

The last few days, Matt and I have enjoyed each others' company without the kids around.

We went to Cedar Point on Monday with a group of my "work friends". We had an amazing time with everyone and really enjoyed our time together. It'd be at least ten years since we'd each been to CP and we've never been there together. It was fun to ride the rides together, and when I needed him, Matt was always there to reassure me that I could do it. Some of those rides are a lot scarier than I remembered!

Today, we spent the day running errands, going to the dentist and just enjoying each other. We had a great day, just the two of us. It was much needed, too! Tomorrow, Matt goes to work and I won't see him much until Sunday, August 1st!! He has to be in Ohio for a lot of military training. I'm not sure how much we'll get to see him before he leaves and we won't see him at all while he's gone.

Every moment I spent with him the last few days reminded me of how much I love him and how compatible we are. And how much we need each other. I really find a deeper love when we spend time together like this!

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