Friday, July 9

What an AMAZING 12 days!

Matt, the boys and I returned Tuesday from an amazing trip to North Carolina, our annual family vacation.  The trip was so great.  Nothing went wrong.  Everything went smoothly and our boys were well behaved. 

We started the trip at my aunt & uncle's house in Buckeye Lake, OH.  It was great to hang out with them.  We hadn't been there in two years!! We left the next morning and drove through to Greensboro, NC.  We had a great hotel there, with a great dinner and the boys enjoyed the pool as well.  I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a husband who understand kids can't handle long car trips, so we made frequent stops where we would run around and let the kids play.  We'd have a snack, refill our drinks and then load up again.  It made a HUGE difference to be able to get some energy out and stretch.  We found some great local parks and rest stops along the way to use.

We arrived at our vacation home on Sunday.  This is the first year we "lived" Oceanside.  It was amazing. I'm not sure I could do "Second Row" again while the boys are young.  I spent at least 6 hours a day on the beach almost everyday.  The boys loved being so close they could go back and eat lunch and take a break and then come back again later. 

One day, we did have some gloomy weather.  We traveled by ferry to Fort Fisher and visited the aquarium.  With our Detroit Zoo membership, we all got in for free!  Great deal!!  It was a great day and we saw a lot of neat animals.

We ate a few meals at great restaurants, we visited a few cute, little shops, and Matt and I even had a date night.  We played putt-putt.  We had ice cream almost every night (FROSTY'S!!).  But most of our week was spent on the beach.  The wonderful, adorable, quaint, "I-wanna-live-there" destination of Oak Island, NC.

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