Monday, April 4

Hamster Races

The last weekend Matt was here I ran into the pet store to grab some chewies for our beloved pug, Ringo. As I walked in there was a table set up advertising the Hamster Derby. I knew we'd need something to keep us busy that first weekend Matt was gone. This would be perfect! I purchased the track and headed out to the van. The boys were less thrilled than I expected, but soon excitement built. We trained all week...ok, a few days and soon it was race day.

When the races started, Lucky was one of ten hamsters racing. Payton was realistically optimistic though. Watching the 'warm ups' he realized we probably wouldn't take first because of a little speedball dwarf hamster. But we had a shot at the top three. There were three heats that would advance five hamsters. Then two heats to determine the finals. Lucky was a pro and won her first heat and the semi-finals without any trouble. But soon, I think she was bored and tired. We were unable to take a place higher than third, but Payton was really happy with that result. He claimed the third place prize was better than the other prizes anyway.

We are planning on attending the races again in October and hope to take a higher placing. But either way, we had a great time!

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ekobylak said...

YEA PAYTON AND LUCKY !!!!!!!!Love grandma K