Saturday, April 16

Payton: Selfless Act

Payton is just an amazing little man. He's so caring and thoughtful. He has his quirks (that drive me crazy), but he's so loving and giving to those around him (except Max of course).

Last week, someone in his class did something that deserved a consequence. However, the teacher didn't know who did it. He asked for whoever did the action to step up before the end of the school day. Five minutes before the end of the day his teacher again asked who did the action. No one fessed up.

That is when my little man did what he felt God would want him to do. He went to the teacher privately and said "Since no one will say they did it, I will accept the consequence." As he was telling me the story in the car from the backseat, I was glad he couldn't see my face. I was tearing up. My little man was willing to take the consequence for a classmate...without even knowing what the consequence would be. His teacher was awestruck and removed the consequence. He told Payton that someone owes him a BIG thank you.

I've been reflecting on this for a week now. What would I have done? I think as adults, we get burned by other's actions too many times that we often hope someone else will take the blame or even look for someone else to take our blame. Am I selfless enough to do what my seven-year-old did? I hope so.

When I asked Payton why he did what he did he said "God just told me to. Pastor Amy taught us to give to others around us and God told me I needed to do that."

There is so much wisdom in that little man.


Gene said...

I dont know what to say other then we are so blessed to have that sweet little guy in our lives. Love Mom K

heather said...

Great job Payton! That would be a great memory to write down to tell Matt about!