Thursday, March 18

Another Max Event

I was just heading outside to play with the boys when I remembered to grab my camera. But where was that memory card.....oh! There. Grabbed it, put it in the camera and out the door.

"Maxwell! Come back, honey! That's too far."

Here he comes, running back to me, waving his arms wildly and talking something about a stick and a bug. "Hold on, Max. I can't hear you."

As I walked down the sidewalk, I see it all happen in slow motion. He trips. Apparently on his imagination, because there's nothing there. And down he goes. Oh crap! I thought. He can't catch himself. And then it happened. His face hit the sidewalk and he started screaming.

I ran and grabbed him, held his face against my shoulder and walked (calmly) inside. I set him on the counter in the kitchen, grabbed a towel (thank GOODNESS I have red towels) and held it to his face waiting for the blood to slow so I could figure out where the issues were.

Ok. His lip is scratched and swollen. That's expected. His nose too. No biggie, it'll heal in a few days. His chin. Ok. We're fine. Then were is all this blood coming from!! Considering our previous ER visit, I was worried he'd bit through his lip or something again. But no...the blood was inside.

Then I saw it. His front tooth. It was gone. Not broken and part stuck in there, no. Clean out. GONE. Then Payton comes in from outside. It felt like 15 minutes had passed, but I realized it'd only been 3 minutes.

Payton was carrying the tooth. The tooth with the full root still attached. Who knew that baby teeth had roots SOOO long!?!?!

In the end, Maxwell was fine. Minus one tooth, but fine. When he was all cleaned up and the rush of bleeding had stopped we even went outside to play. That's when I took this picture. No the picture I had hoped for to represent our first few days of nice weather.

Dr. Prush just called back (gotta love a dentist who returns calls at 9:30pm) and said there's nothing to do. So we just wait. Another 5 years until his adult tooth comes into that place.

I'm finally coming down off the adrenaline rush and able to calm myself. *sigh* He WILL be the death of me. Crazy Kid. Just another example of how everything with Maxwell is "to the max".

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