Tuesday, November 22

25 Days of Christmas - Advent Activities

After some Googling, researching, brainstorming and help from friends, I have compiled our list of advent activities.  We hung our advent stockings last weekend and the boys are very excited for next week when we get started on the events.  The activities are things the boys will enjoy, but most focus on giving. 

In no particular order...

Lighting of the Christmas Tree at the library
Make Christmas Cookies
Go through DVDs.  Donate to Kim S.
Take cookies to the Fire Station
Fill a Christmas stocking for Ms. Catherine. Deliver without her knowing it was you.
Make a card and give a gift to the Mailman
Take a plate of cookies to the librarians
Drink hot cocoa and read Christmas story books by the tree
Sleep by the Christmas Tree
Deliver Cookies/Treats to Neighbors
Take a donation of dog food & old towels/blankets to an animal shelter
Read the Christmas story in Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-21.
Make something or send a letter to brighten someone’s day.
Write a note to daddy a letter describing the 10 things you love most about him.
Look up Samaritan’s Purse and make a donation.
Hot Cocoa and Christmas lights around town
Share a compliment with everyone you meet today
Shop for gifts for Toys for Tots
Paint/decorate ornaments for the senior home
Take ornaments to the senior home
Make the crayon letter for your teacher
Board games, popcorn & Christmas music
Christmas performance for Payton’s school
Kobylak Wigilia Christmas Eve Dinner


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