Thursday, December 31

End of '09

It's been quite a year. I looked back at some of my blog entries for the year and I laughed quite a bit.

We've done a lot of fun things, caught up with some great people, made a ton of memories and shared a lot of love. Matt and I have a stronger marriage, thus a stronger family, than we ever have. We've never been so committed to each other or our love for one another.

In 2009, I got a job I wasn't even looking for and found a joy I didn't know I was missing.

God has also blessed us with spiritual growth and development through amazing programs at our church, wonderful Christian friends, and an amazing mentor couple who has helped to strengthen our path. They are like the guardrail on either side of the highway...making sure we don't take an inappropriate turn and end up in a ditch.

It really has been an amazing year. We've been blessed far beyond what we deserve and we are so grateful to all our family and friends who have helped and supported and laughed with us along the way through 2009.

I pray that everyone be blessed, happy & healthy in 2010! See you on the flip side!

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Marissa said...

you've had an amazing year and i hope 2010 is even better!!