Tuesday, February 16

Special Day for Payton

Since last year, we've been telling Payton we'd get him a computer in his room. Finally, today, all the pieces fit together and we actually made it happen. My brother, Jason, had built him a tower computer that had all the things he'd need to play his games. We finally found a monitor that would fit his desk today.

Once Matt set the whole thing up and got it running, he had to leave for work. I let Payton play for a bit and then we discussed the rules of the computer.

1) You only play with the door open.
2) You must ASK if you can play before you even turn the monitor on.
3) You may not install anything onto the computer without asking first.

Now, most of these rules are non-issues. He's only (almost) 7 and is respectful of the house rules, but still; better to set up these rules now. He does not have access to the internet yet. Only installed software. So far he's really enjoying himself. We've promised him some new software for his birthday in April and that we'd visit the library soon to see what they have as well.

The issue now is that he doesn't want to go back to school tomorrow. He wants to stay home on the computer all day. (Shh...I want to stay home another day too!)

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